Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

When most people think of social media, their thoughts often turn toward Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, there are numerous social media platforms that are heavily used. Discovering the platforms that your target audience use most, so you can connect with them, is the real objective.

JVC Digital Marketing’s social media services are designed so that you’re in complete control of the messages you convey to your audience across a number of social media platforms. Your message will be based upon a full understanding of the unique challenges your business faces, and its goals. In social media, one size almost never fits all, therefore our social medias services focus on what is most significant to your organization.

How Our Social Media Service Can Help

We will ensure that you never fall into any of the social media pitfalls that plague many businesses. Additionally, we won’t totally dominate all of your social media efforts, since we are aware that potential customers want to communicate with you and not be continually bombarded with one-way sales pitches that are promulgated by your marketing agency. As part of our services we provide guidance and assistance with the following.

Social Consultancy

We’ll assist you in developing a social media strategy based upon your objectives. You might currently have some personnel who are managing your social media programs who only require some guidance or you might need us to assist you in building your social media presence from the ground floor. We will assist you in finding the right approach for your business.

Brand Management

Creating and securing the right profiles and usernames across several channels. Your brand is clearly quite important, so our social media team will constantly be at the ready to help turn potential problems with customers to praise.

Social Tone

The manner in which social media can be used by businesses varies greatly. We’ll help you to find the tone that resonates best with your target audience and complements your style.  We’ll ensure that we portray your business, just as you would like.

Social Monitoring

We’ll continually scan social media platforms so you’ll be informed as to who is talking about your business, and what they are saying.  We’ll inform you about the positive, as well as the not so complimentary messages they’re generating. This will ensure that you’re ahead of the curve and you can intervene when you must.


Social Advertising

Placing ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can often enable you to reach your target demographic better than any other type of advertising. You can choose from a large variety of different ad formats, including Facebook PPC, Facebook promoted posts, YouTube video ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter cards, and a number of other advertising vehicles.  Recently, particularly on Facebook, it is difficult to obtain a large reach organically. Social media platforms have gone to a pay-to-play type of format, so it is quite helpful to give some of your content a big boost by promoting it.

Creative Discussion

Our social media team will assist you in creating rapid, reactive social updates that totally hit the mark and inspire additional conversation that gets coverage for your brand beyond your customary social circles.

Analysis & Reporting

Expectations and results in social media, like anything else, need to be quantified. Our social media analysis and reporting will assist you in identifying what is successful, and where your future activities should be focused.  This analysis can often be used across other marketing channels when you see the type of posts and advertisements that resonate best with your target audience.

Promoting Cross Channel

Using the data gleaned from our analysis and reporting we ensure that your message gets to your target audience and fits in with the remainder of the marketing channels you use. This gives you a coherent voice across the web that’s instantly recognizable.


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