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What’s SEO Marketing

Have you ever been curious as to how Google and Bing determine site rankings in their organic search results? If so, you’ve just considered what SEO marketing is all about. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an array of techniques that make your website visible in search results.  There are a variety of strategies that can be used to improve your rankings, discovering the strategies that are most advantageous for your business is crucial.

At JVC Digital Marketing, we’ve been involved with search engine marketing for over 14 years. Whether you need keyword optimization, content, PPC, or web design, we can use a variety of these services to increase your visibility in search results.

Our marketing methods will be designed for the unique requirements of your business to ensure that the most effective techniques are used to maximize your results. We are continually developing new techniques to make your business offerings visible to consumers that are searching for them. Our methodology reflects industry best practices, to ensure you won’t run afoul of Google.

We Practice Goal Focused SEO

JVC Digital Marketing utilizes a combination of customization and expertise to bring SEO success to our clients. We design and execute SEO campaigns that are tailor made for your business to give you rankings that are enduring and relevant.  The result is that potential clients find your business when they execute a search. Improved rankings, increased traffic and an SEO specialist who is dedicated to your business and can be easily contacted by phone or email are the hallmarks of our SEO services.



Our search engine optimization services help grow your business in three important areas:

Higher Rankings In Search

We have designed an SEO service that is results-driven and ethical. We utilize the latest strategies, trends, and tools to help you advance in the search results for valuable keywords to obtain visibility to your target audience.

High Quality Traffic

Improved search rankings for valuable keywords can have a big impact on the volume and quality of traffic your site receives. Millions of potential customers search on Google daily for the services and products they desire. When someone executes a search that is relevant to your business, our goal is for the search results to include your business’s website.

Results That Are Measurable

Transparency in results and deliverables from SEO campaigns come to you each month. We provide monthly SEO reports that detail your data regarding the outcome of your campaigns in a clear and concise manner.

Data such as rankings, lead sources, goals, and traffic are standard, along with much more.

Search Engine Marketing Replacing Traditional Ads

You may assume that traditional advertising like television and billboards are sufficient to drive new sales. That could have been enough in the past, but a large proportion of consumers now obtain information from the web, and businesses need to follow suit.

Due to the availability of information, the internet has transformed how organizations conduct business. Consumers are inundated with information about new products, releases, and sales each day. While they now have many more choices, the increase in available data has also created information overload for consumers.

JVC Digital Marketing helps your business break through this continuous information flow and connects your business with consumers who are searching for your specific products. By engaging with potential customers and managing the information they see, we build consumer trust and help you increase conversions.

Let us help bring new customers to your business. Work with JVC Digital Marketing to find out how search marketing can improve your business.

Our SEO Process

To perform our job, we must know quite a bit about your business. We need to understand your current sales funnel, customer demographics, and your products and services. When you hire us, we will begin with a website audit and study your current strategies to gain an understanding of the way you operate.

In the website audit, we examine every facet of your site and we determine what is currently working, and what needs improvement. We look for the detailed structure that search engines look at when they crawl your site. While some other SEO companies may not consider these details, we understand that skipping them can result in decreased search rankings and decreased traffic to your web site.

During our Website Audit We Look At:

  • Navigation Structure
  • URL Structure
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alt Attributes
  • Structured Data
  • Canonicalization Issues
  • Broken Links
  • Backlink Profile


After performing our Website Audit, we will identify deficiencies in your site and places where you may have insufficient or nonexistent content and work to improve your search rankings. We will also determine if your site has any spam or low-quality links that could be hindering your rankings and work to get them removed.


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