PPC Management Services

PPC Management Services


Pay-per-click advertising allows you to get top search engine positions and to show up on a very large number of related websites. With PPC marketing you’ll get traffic instantaneously and it can be a great way to augment existing organic SEO strategies by testing various business models, marketplace verticals and keywords. You can gain valuable data that will help you to further develop your marketing strategy, rather than simply formulating a guess.


Locating a large number of keywords that have relatively low volume (long-tail keywords) and are less costly, but highly relevant to your business, can yield a great ROI. They can be used in conjunction with more costly, higher volume keywords in order to decrease your average CPC (cost-per-click) across an entire campaign.


We Never Set Up Your Campaign And Forget It

JVC Digital Marketing provides complete development of your PPC campaigns or the optimization of existing campaigns along with our ongoing management and optimization services. Whether you need monthly management, a review of an existing campaign, or a rebuild of a campaign, we can help you.


Our Pay Per Click Management Services

Following, is a listing of the type of PPC services we offer. If you are not sure which type of services would work best for your specific business, we can give you some guidance on the platform that is likely to be optimal for your business, based upon your particular market segment.  For the majority of businesses a combination of advertising venues works best.


Google AdWords

With PPC advertising you’ll get immediate traffic because you’ll occupy top positions on Google search. Google accounts for at least 75% of all searches in the US and AdWords is the most effective platform for PPC advertising. Your site will be highly visible for searches and AdWords gives you the capability of testing keywords, as a complement to an existing organic SEO strategy.


Shopping Ads

Bing and Google both have shopping ads allowing you to display individual products in search results. Shopping ads show up above the organic search listings for terms that display commercial products and can sometimes appear above text search ads as well.


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an excellent way to augment your other search campaigns and can often be more cost effective than AdWords. With 1.2 billion users who are active every day and more than 950 million mobile users, Facebook gives you access to a huge number of potential customers and it offers specific targeting that is second to none. Facebook users can be targeted with promoted posts that show up in users’ news feeds or with PPC ads that show up in the right margin.


We offer retargeting advertising for both the Google Display Network and for Facebook ads. A remarketing pixel will be placed on your site to collect data on your site visitors and then display ads to them when they are visiting other web properties. Our experience managing campaigns will ensure that your business will be spending its advertising budget wisely, rather than taking a shot gun approach.


PPC Audits

We offer an audit of your existing PPC campaign as a service to businesses who are either managing their own account or having it managed by another provider and are seeking ways to further optimize their campaigns. We will carefully examine your account and give you the same advice as if we were managing it ourselves.


Our PPC Management Services Include


  • Keyword Research and Selection
  • Competitor Research
  • Campaign Creation
  • Ad Creation
  • Ad Submission
  • Landing Page Optimization Help
  • Conversion Tracking
  • PPC Cost Control
  • PPC Monitoring
  • Call Tracking



We will provide you with a monthly report that will show you how your campaigns are performing with regard to, CTR, CPC, and any conversion metrics you deem important whether it be lead collection or actually making an online purchase. After you review the report we will be available to review it with you, should you have any questions.



All campaigns differ with regard to their size and scope so it’s not possible to quote a single price for all campaigns. The price will vary dependent upon the volume of keywords used in your campaign and your monthly ad spend.


New Client Set-Up Fee

The amount of work required to setup a campaign varies between accounts. Clearly an account that has a $500/month ad spend and only 100 keywords will be much easier to setup than a $5,000/month 1000 keyword campaign. That being said, we will generally charge a $400 setup fee for most small businesses. The fee will by higher for larger, more complex campaigns.

Nevertheless, if we manage your campaign continuously for at least six months your setup costs will be credited to your account.


Monthly PPC Management Rates

Every month you will pay for the advertising fees charged by the provider which will be Facebook, Bing, Google, or any other platform you choose to advertise on. Then there will be a monthly management charge paid to JVC Digital Marketing for the management and optimization of your account.

Our management fee will amount to 25% of your ad spend. For instance, if you spend $1000/month on Google AdWords advertising, our fee would be $250.  This will include your monthly report as well.


No Long Term Commitments

We don’t like holding our clients hostage, we would rather retain you by providing outstanding service and results. You can stop your campaigns by giving us a 30 day notice at any time.


The Account Is Yours

Some PPC managers will have in your contract that they own any historical data and the campaigns associated with your account. With us, you own the account and all the associated campaigns and data should you choose to move forward with it on your own.

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