Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Intelligent Lead Management

Marketing automation is at the center of your lead nurturing, demand generation, and content marketing efforts.  With effective use you can manage your customer and leads and optimize each step of your sales funnel from lead capture to assigning qualified leads to sales staff. Each aspect of your online marketing efforts can be improved via segmentation, testing, analysis, and lead scoring.

Most marketing automation systems are fairly user friendly, however, they have a great deal of functionality that is often not used effectively by the average user. Experienced users, that use compelling and consistent content can generated excellent results.

For small and mid-sized businesses, we recommend a product called Infusionsoft.  Infusionsoft is a marketing automation, CRM, lead capture, and payment processing system that is ideal for staying in touch with new leads, and existing customers.  A system like this is incredibly powerful, and a must for businesses owners who need to organize and stay in close contact with customers and potential customers.


Turn More Leads Into Customers

We use marketing automation to create campaigns that keep your business in close contact with leads to move them along your sales funnel. We focus on the interests, needs, and behavior of each lead to provide them with the optimal interaction with your brand to increase conversions.


It’s About Relevance

We assist you by focusing your efforts on the most valuable leads that have the greatest chance of converting, and turn them into paying customers. The goal is to minimize waste in marketing campaigns and focus on the channels that create the most qualified leads and paying customers.


Use Marketing Automation To Obtain And Convert New Leads

The correct implementation of a marketing automation platform will improve your understanding of user behavior in your sales funnel and help you to make changes when necessary when you detect a step in your funnel that has an out-sized drop off rate. After implementation, yor start to gain exceptional insights into your marketing practices and see how they can be improved.


Centralized Marketing Data for Better Insights.

  • Email marketing
  • Lead segmentation
  • Lead generation
  • Goal-based sales funnels
  • Content strategy
  • Customer lifecycle marketing
  • Call Tracking
  • Sales funnel analytics
  • Website Integration


Monitoring Marketing Channels Improves Online Success

  • Know immediately if a contact is a customer, lead, prospect, or follower
  • Grade each lead for increased marketing efficiency
  • Determine the influence of social media followers
  • Personalize and Segment leads
  • View all of your touch points with a particular lead at once
  • Quickly Determine Which Efforts Are Working And Which Are Not


Determine Your ROI With Lifecycle Analytics

  • Track user behavior through the entire customer life-cycle
  • Track the behavior of anonymous prospects
  • Create Robust and Clear Lead Profiles
  • Strengthen Your Best Performing Marketing Channels
  • Obtain CPA data

Nurture Relationships With Marketing Automation

Marketing automation gives you the ability to automate tasks that are performed repeatedly. It also helps you to get improved insights via analytics and will ultimately improve your whole sales funnel and result in better conversion rates.


  • Marketing Automation Will Make You More Efficient And Eliminate Human Error
  • Marketing automation will help increase your marketing intelligence, automate workflows, improve your marketing campaign analysis, and increase segmentation for improved customer targeting.
  • Sales Nurturing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Generation


The Challenge Is Marshalling  Internal Resources

It can be challenging for a business to fully utilize their marketing automation platform. Most systems are complex and intricate and require highly trained individuals to use them to their full advantage.

Creating effective sales funnels and lead nurturing content also takes experienced content marketers and inbound marketing personnel in order to design and manage campaigns.

We are experienced in using cloud based, industry leading platforms, like Infusionsoft, to bring you results. We work closely with you to create a system that will bring leads through your sales funnel and qualify your hottest leads. We achieve this via a well-organized process of marketing automation:

  • Integration of lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns
  • Lead nurturing content design, creation, and optimization
  • Design lead nurturing emails and landing pages
  • Design personalized calls to action and content
  • A/B testing of all content and calls-to-action components
  • Placement of calls-to-action throughout your online properties
  • Design workflows that will segment your contacts automatically based upon user behavior
  • Marketing channel and marketing campaign analytics and key performance indicator monitoring
  • Integration of lead magnets with your CRM and marketing automation campaigns

 Marketing Automation Support

JVC Digital Marketing is an internet marketing agency that implements, manages, and supports marketing automation to improve lead generation, prospecting, lead nurturing, and conversions. Marketing automation can lead to substantial improvements in an organization’s results from sales nurturing and lead generation efforts.

You will be able to quickly view the complete history of interaction of anyone who visits your site or becomes a lead via other marketing channels such as social media, PPC, email, advertising, or referrals from other websites.

  • Marketing Automation
  • ROI Analysis
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
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