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Local SEO – Drive More Customers Into Your Business

Local SEO helps to increase your business’ visibility by catapulting it to the top of local search results. For most businesses with a physical location, you need to be visible to customers that are in your geographic vicinity. Local SEO is all about appealing to potential customers that are in close proximity to your locations.

We provide a local SEO strategy that is designed specifically to your business and location to be certain the correct location signals, on-site, inbound links and social signals are communicated to Google regarding the locations and search terms that are most applicable to your business. We devise a marketing strategy that helps you build a stronger connection to your prospective customers and helps your business to experience organic growth.

We put a lot of effort into helping you achieve better rankings in local search by checking traffic sources on a regular basis and constantly re-evaluating data for accuracy. We place your business profile on prominent social media and web platforms and provide valuable information regarding your business to your target audience.

Visibility On All Devices

We ensure that your website shows up in local searches on all types of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. As a matter of fact, for local search, mobile rankings play the most prominent role, so we place a great emphasis on mobile search rankings. Our goal is to beat out your local competition. Visibility on mobile devices is key,l since many consumers search for products and services while they are on the go, and it’s important that your business shows up when they are ready to purchase.

Laser Targeting

We will ensure that your site properly targets your audience, and that will drive the right type of consumers to your business, increasing your profitability. We make sure the online listings of your business are kept optimized and accurate for Google Maps, so customers can easily locate you.

The Importance Of Local SEO

Local SEO is often the most important online factor for businesses that operate within a prescribed  geographical area. For example, if you have a brick and mortar location, 90% of your business is likely to come from people who live within a 30-mile radius of your location. Additionally, with click-to-call functionality on your site, someone visiting your site from their mobile phone can simply click on your phone number, and instantly get in touch with your business.

Features Unique To Local SEO

Local SEO has many similarities, but some key differences in comparison to SEO that is not limited to a particular geography. Some similarities include a site that is properly structured, has excellent in-depth content, has a fast load time, and has optimized, titles, metadescriptions and content. However, there are some key differences. With local SEO, your ability to rank well in Google depends upon the number of citations you have on various prominent sites and data aggregators, and the number of clients that have given you favorable reviews. These reviews may be Google Reviews, Angies’ List, Facebook, or on a variety of additional platforms.

For local searches on Google, you’ll see a box of three businesses that pop up in the top portion of the search results. It’s important that your business is one of the three, since it will dramatically improve your visibility on local search. We work to ensure your site is displayed in this box.


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