Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Go above and beyond simply emailing existing customers and convert your leads by reaching them in their in box, where many people begin their day with a targeted promotion or message. Segment by geography, interest, behavior or demographics and laser target your new audience.

In the business world, it’s often said it’s better to retain an existing customer than try to find a new one. With our email marketing techniques, you can build strong bonds with your customers that will keep them engaged with your brand and result in future business. Our proven email strategies are very cost-effective and provide you with a great vehicle for improving customer loyalty and retention.


  • Our email marketing solutions provide you with some awesome benefits:
  • More frequent customer touch points leading to better retention
  • Decreased advertising expenses
  • A fast and efficient way to announce special offers, new products, or events
  • The ability to promote repeat business and offer specials and promotions tailored to the specific preferences of your customers


Email Marketing Campaigns

Email subscribers are a treasure trove of potential sales. People who have signed up on your email list to receive content related to your products, promotions, and services have already expresses an interest in your business offerings. Similarly, existing clients who are already acquainted with your business can be encouraged to buy from you again with some timely reminders.


Periodic emails, like newsletters, help potential clients remain aware of your business. They also increase the likelihood that they’ll use your products or services again, particularly if they are notified when you are running a special offer or sale. Nevertheless, the way the email is designed, when it is sent, and its content can have a large effect upon how effective it is.

For some businesses, special email broadcasts may be a great option. If you don’t have monthly updates and offers, seasonal or holiday emails broadcast at the right time can prompt people to visit your website or store again. Email broadcasts can also be quite helpful when a business is changing location, name, or web address or being taken over by new management. Regardless of your scenario if you need regular email offerings, or one-time email broadcasts we can help you get the most from your email marketing campaigns.

Let Us Handle The Entire Process


To achieve success, your marketing emails need to be designed professionally. The right design will maximize an email’s readability, visibility and impact. Emails that incorporate videos, images and quality copy will achieve optimal results. The email will be matched with your current branding and use leading-edge coding methods to increase their deliverability and avoid getting caught in SPAM and ISP filters, while impressing recipients with innovative looks and messaging.


Emails must be schedule at a time that will maximize their open rate.  Furthermore, emails must be sent from an IP that has DKIM, SPF, and DMARC verification in order to minimize the number or emails that get caught in spam filters. Your email list needs to be properly maintained and cultivated in order to minimize spam reporting by recipients and to maximize the proportion of your emails that make it to the recipients’ in box. We can handle all of this for you.

Analysis and Tracking

It’s crucial to carefully monitor all of your email campaigns. By analyzing the results of each email broadcast, you will be able to determine which type of emails resonates best with your target audience. We use powerful email reporting and tracking tools to monitor every campaign.  Prior to sending an email we test it to ensure that it renders well in all email clients, both desktop and mobile to ensure it will be readable on all types of devices and that it complies with ISPs. After the email has been sent we will review the performance of the campaign with you and determine how performance may be improved.  We will review the following metrics:

  • Open Rate
  • Which Links Were Clicked
  • Bounce Rate
  • Unsubscribes
  • Reported as Spam


We’ll review all of these metrics with you, work with you to improve results, and incorporate our findings into subsequent email campaigns in order to drive more qualified clients to your website and business.

How We Achieve Results

  • Increase email conversion rate
  • Maximize email effectiveness with proper email design and landing page optimization
  • Provide metrics to power ongoing email strategy
  • Provide campaign reports, including open, click, and conversion rates
  • Grow your email list
  • Market further to visitors who express and interest


Following up with people who expresses an interest will further increase the efficacy of your email marketing strategy by sending an additional email to these individual targeted at their specific interests.

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