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E-Commerce Solutions

An e-commerce website can be an excellent complement to a business that currently has a physical location. Rather than restricting customers to normal store hours, your website can serve them 24 hours per day. We provide our clients with custom-made e-commerce solutions.

In today’s retail marketplace, many businesses do 100% of their business online and forego a physical location completely.

Whatever your e-commerce needs are, Sales & Marketing Technologies can craft a solution for you to take part in the $600 Billion of sales (and rapidly growing) that are generated via e-commerce each year.

eCommerce Website Functionality Needed For Success

A robust website is the bedrock of your e-commerce business, and we fully comprehend how important it is to make use of the most advanced technology to boost your profits. The eCommerce solutions we design provide a broad range of standard functionality while being totally customizable. We will discuss your unique functionality requirements and craft a solution that is commensurate with your e-commerce goals.


  • Drive Sales On All Types of Devices

With a responsive e-commerce website that functions well on desktop, mobile and tablet devices you’ll increase conversions and grow your business on all devices.



  • From Landing Page to Checkout Quickly!

Our sites are developed for speed using leading edge technology. You’ll have an incredibly fast website that will enable visitors to go from product browsing to the checkout page in just a few seconds.



    • Robust Product Functionality and Features

Whether you need to customize your products, have basic products or require unique options for products or your require an entire array of customized product functionality, we can provide a solution.


  • Easy Content Management & Scalability

Via a content management system tailored for your specific needs, you will be able to easily update products, pages, banners, posts, and more.



  • Powerful Marketing Tools

From advanced automated marketing integration with platforms such as Infusionsoft to running automated marketing campaigns to SEO tools, our sites are designed to provide you with an array of robust marketing functionality.






Your E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether you currently need custom functionality or you may require it later on, using a platform that is scalable will make you well positioned for future growth. We concentrate on developing functionality that gives you an edge over the competition while making it straightforward to manage. We understand the unique business needs and design your solution accordingly.


eCommerce SEO

We have developed SEO strategies that are especially for e-commerce sites with an emphasis on conversions. Our SEO techniques are designed to increase traffic and improve search engine rankings with a focus on search terms to lead to conversions. We understand that your ROI is really the only significant metric.


E-Commerce Strategy

To take your e-commerce business to another level, you need to work with a company that has a track record of success in the e-commerce arena.With experience crafting e-commerce solutions for hundreds of businesses, you get the benefit of our experience and build it into your site. Success is achieved by adhering to a proven model through each phase of your project including design, website development and digital marketing. Our experience in e-commerce gives us the capacity to make decisions based on experience, not guessing.


E-Commerce Platforms

At JVC Digital Marketing we realize that there is not a one size fits all solution and there is not one platform that is suitable for everyone. We work closely with you to find out which e-commerce platform makes the most sense for your project and your unique requirements.A robust platform, tailored to your requirements, is the foundation of an e-commerce business and needs to be carefully considered.


Content Management System (CMS)

The capability to manage your e-commerce website easily is a requirement for a profitable online store. Whether you are required to add pages, new products, or update orders our CMS gives you the ability to easily make the needed changes.

E-Commerce Pay-Per-Click

A PPC campaign can send visitors to your e-commerce site immediately. Managing PPC campaigns can be complex and frequently a better ROI is achieved when professionally managed. We have designed proven optimization methodologies for both Google AdWords and Facebook advertising to assist you in meeting your ROI requirements.

Indispensable Features Of Your E-Commerce Website

Displaying related products that are similar to or that
compliment the products being viewed is an excellent method to increase sales.
This type of functionality can persuade visitors to spend additional time and
money by displaying products that are related to products they have already
expressed an interest in rather than simply showing them an assortment of random
products from your site. Additionally, social share buttons on product pages
can help customers to easily share your products with friends so that your
products can be shown to an additional audience of relevant prospects.

Letting your visitors customize their experience by allowing
them to filter your category pages based upon popularity, prices, features and
more is a fundamental tool for any e-commerce site. Customers don’t like
sorting through numerous product pages, so giving them the ability to filter
products will boost your conversions.

It’s vital that you provide product information, including
product details in a concise, clean, manner. If a visitor can’t locate the
product information they’re search for, they may not get all the information
the need to complete their transaction. When a particular product is not in stock,
provide a feature that will notify customers when the product becomes available
again. This will lessen the change that they will seek an alternative with
one of your competitors.

When a site users adds a product to a shopping cart, be
certain that the cart is displayed on a widow on the page that is dynamically
populated with the products being added. This improves the user experience and
assures the users that the products they have selected are in their shopping
cart. In some instances, a user might add several items to their cart without
intending to immediately purchase them. Instead of forcing a visitor to either
buy or delete a product from the cart, permit them to save it for the next time
they return to your site.

It’s vital that your void using flat rate or a single method
of shipping. Different customers require differing shipping methods. Some
customers want to receive their items immediately, and are willing to pay more
for this privilege, while others are fine with waiting for their merchandise.
Therefore, to make the process easier for customers, permit them to calculate
shipping expenses directly in their shopping cart prior to entering the
checkout process.

Submitting their payment can be stressful for a lot of
customers. Keep them calm by bringing them to a payment confirmation page. In addition,
send an email to them that confirms their payment has been received.
Additionally, provide customers with a tracking code as soon as you have
shipped their order, so that they will feel calm in the last portion of the

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